How to Sell More Art on Etsy: 7 Tips to Use


How to sell more art on Etsy? Is it possible to increase your sale? Of course, it is! Try these 7 tips and experience more traffic and increased sale!

There are thousands and thousands of sellers on Etsy, which means that the competition is pretty high, especially for those who are selling art. There are no rules when selling online, but there are some things you could do to stand out from the crowd and increase your sail!

We’ve come up with 7 helpful tips you may use. These tips are based on the advice and recommendations of the most popular and respected sellers on Etsy, including Blenda Tyvoll –the full-time artists who managed to sell more than 3000 unique pieces of art on Etsy.



How to Sell Art like Blenda Tyvoll – Top 7 Tips to Use

If you want to be a successful art seller, here are 7 tips to keep in mind:

  • Be Consistent & Persistent – Being consistent and persistent is going to pay off, we can assure you! Make sure to add new art pieces to your Etsy shop as frequently as possible!
  • Active Customer Service – You need to be active and in constant communication with your customers. That means that you need to answer their questions and provide them with information or details.
  • Unique Style – If you want to stand out from the crown you need to develop your own exceptional style. You need to offer unique pieces of art if you want to be different from the other Etsy sellers.
  • Share Your Story – The most spectacular pieces of art should present your personal stories. Being personal and open will bring you closer to your customers.
  • Stay Patient – Increased traffic or sale doesn’t happen overnight! It takes a time to get noticed or get featured on Etsy! Stay patient and work hard enough until you achieve your goal!
  • Don’t Underestimate Yourself or Your Art Pieces – Even though the competition is huge and there are thousands of sellers who sell art on Etsy, you can’t undersell yourself. Instead, do a little research and check the prices other sellers have. This will help you determine your own price. The price should be real and affordable. Not cheap, not expensive – but real & affordable!
  • Discover the Best-Selling Print Size –Regardless of the type of art you are selling, you need to determine the best selling print size. Blenda Tyvoll uses 8 X 10 inches and 11 X 14 inches print size.

Now that you are familiar with the 7 secrets of selling art on Etsy – use them and watch your popularity grow!

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